Bit-Interleaved Passive Optical Network Technology

In Late March 2012, the GreenTouch Consortium announced and demonstrated a new technology that will dramatically reduce energy consumption in fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) networks, as well as other applications. The breakthrough Bit-Interleaved Passive Optical Network (Bi-PON) technology is the second major milestone reached by the consortium. When deployed, it will enable a power reduction of 30 times over current technologies while improving performance and reducing cost.

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Fiber-to-the-Home Goes Green: New Technology Dramatically Reduces Energy Need

Introducing Bi-PON from the GreenTouch Consortium

Demonstrating Bi-PON for the first time from the GreenTouch Consortium

GreenTouch - New Wireline Technology


New Wireline Technology Demonstration


GreenTouch™ makes giant stride in wireline technology
Chairman’s message by Gee Rittenhouse

27 March 2012

For the past two years as Chairman of the GreenTouch consortium, I have been introduced to some of the world’s best researchers in green technologies. I feel a tremendous sense of pride for the members of our consortium – each one has taken a leadership role in pushing green within their respective fields; most of them have been champions of green technology well before the consortium was formed.

When I think about the lofty goal we set - to improve network efficiency by a factor of 1,000 - I am astounded by the audacity and courage of the founding members as well as those who recognized the importance of achieving this goal and joined GreenTouch without hesitation during the last two years. I also remember the many meetings where we worked from early morning to late at night and wondered how we could possibly achieve this goal.

But we started our journey with a focus on five technology areas: GreenTouch Core Optical Networking and Transmission; Core Switching & Routing; Mobile Communications; Wireline Access; and Services, Applications and Trends. Each of these working groups has moved forward with undaunted determination.

A lot has happened since the early days of the GreenTouch launch. We’ve gone from theoretical discussions and calculations on whiteboards, to bringing totally new approaches and creative thinking into real research work.

Last year we demonstrated proof-of-concept in the wireless space with the Large Scale Antenna System, and this year I am excited to share great news about our advances in wireline technology.

Today, our Wireline Access group, led by Peter Vetter, will tell the world that they have achieved a breakthrough in energy efficiency in passive optical network (PON) technology, which is at the edge of the network. The breakthrough Bit-Interleaved Passive Optical Network (Bi-PON) technology, when deployed, will enable a power reduction of 30 times over current technologies while improving performance and reducing cost.

They’ve done this by simply re-imagining how fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) optical network units can be re-architectured in a way that enables us to squeeze many orders of magnitude of energy expenditures out of the network.

This is no small achievement. When you talk about PON technology, you’re talking about taking on a big effort. But the team tackled this project with the same intellect and boldness that has been the hallmark of the consortium. Orange is interested in the testing Bi-PON later this year, and in June, the demo will be shown along with the Large-Scale Antenna System at the Telecoms Industry Association (TIA) event in Dallas, Texas.

In my years of working in the field of research, it is rare to see results that are this amazing, but once again, the GreenTouch members have come through.

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